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How do I use a discount code?Updated 2 months ago

At Park Candy, we have a variety of discounts and promotions that you can take part in if you follow us on our social platforms, found us in an advertisement, or joined our mailing list and text messaging services. 

Here's how you can take advantage of the various discounts and save some money on your next order.

Step 1: Add Items to the Cart

Start by adding all of your Park Candy favorites to the cart. 

You must be using our cart to use a discount code. Third-party apps like Instagram and Facebook have their own codes and promotions.

Step 2: Proceed to Checkout

When you're done adding all of your items to the cart, hit the check out button and you'll see a page where you can enter your shipping and billing information before you do that, you can enter your discount code and hit "APPLY". 

If you want to test it out, try using coupon code SWING for 10% off right now! 

On Desktop

On desktop, this option is on the right.

On mobile, this option is at the very bottom before you click "pay now".

Step 3: Enjoy your savings!

Once the coupon is applied, a new line that says "discount" will show the amount of money that you saved on your order and your total will reflect your new discounted price!

Finish checking out by entering your shipping and billing information and we will have your order in ASAP! 

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